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The Adv of Ozzie & Harriet Volumes 6 - 11

Category: Comedy
Duration: 11 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91619
Price: $47.88



ABC's The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet was a long-running sitcom that starred the Nelson family. The Nelsons, who were a real family off-screen, included parents Ozzie and Harriet and their sons, David and Ricky. Their wholesome exploits were transferred from radio to television in 1952, and many of the stories were based on real events that had occurred in their lives. This release features 24 classic episodes:

Ozzie, Joe, and the Fashion Models: Ozzie and Joe go on a fishing trip to remote Crystal Lake where they are surprised to meet two gorgeous fashion models.

Road Race: Ozzie contends that the old hot-rods of the 20s can hold their own and even outrace their new-fangled 1950s cousins. A challenge is issued and the town arranges for Ozzie to race against "the kids."

The Suggestion Box: Claiming to be able to handle constructive criticism, Ozzie creates a family "suggestion box."

Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream: The Nelson's get fixated on Tutti-Frutti ice cream and the entire family sets out on a late-night odyssey as they attempt to bring a gallon home. This episode features a spectacular song and dance production with the entire Nelson family.

Evening with Hamlet: After insisting on a family Shakespeare night, Ozzie learns that the boys are having a big poker game that evening.

Halloween Party: Ozzie and Thorny plan the annual Halloween party down to the last detail - or so they think.

The New Chairs: A minor delivery mistake leads to major chaos when Ozzie steps in to straighten things out.

The Pancake Mix: Ozzie and Ricky become obsessed with the "double your money back" guarantee on the Hasty Tasty Pancake package.

A Letter About Harriet: Joe and Ozzie are embarrassed into entering the newspaper essay contest - "Why I Love My Wife."

The Car Mix-Up: Harriet drives home from the market and realizes the groceries on the front seat aren't hers - and neither is the car!

The Duenna: The duenna (chaperone) for Dave's Latina date makes amorous advances on a bewildered Ozzie.

The Petition: Rick and Dave concoct a phony "Wives Day" petition, which brings chaos to the Nelson household when folks take it seriously.

A Ball Of Tin Foil: Determined to clean-up the junk in the Nelson garage and closets, Ozzie rents a large trailer. His simple plan to haul the load to the junk yard does not work out as intended.

Dave and the Fraternity Lease: Dave's fraternity has 24 frantic hours to get the frat house into "reasonably good condition" - or lose their lease!

David Picks Up the Tab: Dave treats his mom and dad as well as his date to dinner at a swanky restaurant. When the check arrives, so does trouble.

Odd Bolt: Ozzie finds an odd bolt in his "important things" box. He turns the entire Nelson household upside down in his frenzied attempt to remember where it belongs.

Bachelor: John Archer is a contented bachelor until Harriet and her girlfriends conspire to turn him into a "happily married" man.

Little Black Box: Harriet bets Ozzie that he will not be able to resist a peek inside a mysterious black box.

Little Handprints: A chunk of sidewalk with David and Ricky's little handprints proves too sentimental to toss out.

Motorcycle: David wants to buy a new motorcycle and Ozzie is determined to talk him out of it.

A Lawnmower for Ozzie: Ozzie's lawnmower is locked in Joe Randolph's Garage. With Joe away on vacation, Ozzie plans a break-in.

The Editor: Harriet's Women's Club newsletter goes "big time" when Ozzie takes over as ace reporter.

The Special Cake: Dave's wife, June, bakes a cake for a "very special occasion." Dave begins to panic when he can't recall what the occasion might be.

The Table and the Painting: Ozzie reluctantly accepts a badly built table from neighbor Joe, but Harriet doesn't want it in their house.


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