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Dick Tracy Collection

Category: Detective
Duration: 4 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91566
Price: $29.95



Packaged in a beautiful black-lacquered wooden storage case, this DVD collection includes four Dick Tracy films made in the mid-1940s. Starring Boris Karloff, Morgan Conway, Ralph Bird and more, the movies included are: Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947), Dick Tracy Detective (1945), Dick Tracy Vs. Cueball (1946) and Dick Tracy's Dilemma (1947).

Dick Tracy Detective: A maniac is on the loose, viciously slashing his victims and leaving them to die on desolate streets. The city is driven to panic by the seemingly random violence, perpetrated by a criminal known only as Splitface. Time is running out for detective Dick Tracy when the mayor is targeted as the killer's next mark. As he begins to piece the scraps of evidence into a solid case, Tracy's girlfriend is taken prisoner by Splitface at his riverboat hideout. With his motive exposed and nowhere to hide, the horribly scarred villain is confronted by the detective in a violent showdown. Starring Boris Karloff and Ralph Byrd.

Dick Tracy Vs. Cueball: A diamond merchant is strangled aboard an ocean liner and his jewels stolen. Dick Tracy sets off on the trail of a merciless band of crooks, led by the menacing Cueball. On the run from the detective, the gang betrays their leader and attempts to flee the law. The enraged Cueball begins a savage hunt for revenge, killing the traitors and demanding Dick Tracy's blood.

Dick Tracy vs. Cueball was Morgan Conway's second and final appearance as the detective. Starring Morgan Conway.Dick Tracy's Dilemma: Dick Tracy (Ralph Byrd) is back on the case in this hard-boiled caper featuring a comic-strip lineup of oddball characters. Summoned to the scene of a robbery and grisly double homicide, Tracy's investigation leads him to the psychopathic maniac, The Claw (Jack Lambert), who with the aid of a deadly hook-hand is able to terrorize the entire city. Ralph Byrd, who made such a memorable impression as Dick Tracy in Republic Pictures' serials, returns in the title role in RKO's third feature about Chester Gould's famous gumshoe. Dick Tracy's Dilemma successfully realizes the noir-filtered-through-surrealism quality of Gould's strip, not only with the infernal Claw but also with such outrageous, over-the-top denizens as the snitch Sightless, Longshot Lillie, and Vitamin.

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome: The world's most beloved comic-strip detective is vividly brought to life by Ralph Byrd in this brutal crime caper that's guaranteed to satisfy viewers with an appetite for action-packed adventure. The film gets off to a rollicking start at The Hangman's Knot, a gritty dive with an ominous neon-lit noose blinking in the bar's window, where the terrifying Gruesome (Boris Karloff) has just arrived, fresh from being sprung from the slammer. A crony informs him of a new scheme in the works that involves the use of a paralyzing gas to pull off flawless robberies. Sure enough, the evil Gruesome and his gang hold up a bank, freezing everyone inside (except Dick Tracy's gal, Tess Truehart) with the poisonous substance. It appears as though the invincible Tracy has met his match, so much so that his faithful right-hand man, Pat Patton (Lyle Latell), quips, "If I didn't know better, I'd swear we were doing business with Boris Karloff"! Undaunted, Tracy devises a clever plan to beat Gruesome at his own sinister game. Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome was the fourth and final feature about Chester Gould's larger-than-life gumshoe and stars Morgan Conway and Mike Mazurki.


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