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Kolchak: Monsters Among Us

Category: Horror
Media: Book
Catalog Number: 91562
Was: $18.95    Now: $12.99


TV's premiere paranormal investigator returns in two, two, TWO titanic and terrifying tales that collect the Kolchak "Frankenstein Agenda" and "Night Stalker of the Living Dead" mini series!

The farmlands don't always hold peace and quiet, as these two complementing Kolchak tales illustrate with an eerie clarity. In one town, Kolchak stumbles across a hulking mutation of a man-gone-wrong, and becomes as wanted by the U.S. Army as the creature they are stalking! And in yet another small town, there is a secret behind the silent, endless acres of corn... a secret that is turning townsfolk into decaying, walking dead! Kolchak had best use his...BRAAAAINS... if he's going to get out of this one!

Written by David Michelinie, Christopher Mills

Art by : Don Hudson, Tim Hamilton

Cover: Woodrow J. Hinton III

188 Pages. 7" x 10".

"Mills' purple prose narration evokes Darren McGavin's voice and gives the book the verisimilitude necessary to contrast the premise as well as serve as a catalyst for comedy."


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