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Milton Berle TV Show, Volume 3

Category: Comedy
Duration: 2 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91525
Price: $7.98


Adoringly known as "Uncle Miltie" and "Mr. Television," Milton Berle began his career at the age of six with an uncredited role in The Perils of Pauline (1914). For eight decades Berle was a staple of radio, movies and television. With an unprecedented thirty-year contract with NBC, he began work on The Milton Berle Show in 1948. Also known as The Texaco Star Theater, it was one of the most popular programs in early television and ran for nearly a decade.

Milton Berle with Danny Thomas: Danny begs "Mr. Television" for advice on how to mount a weekly show. The two entertainers host a grand song-and-dance tribute to tolerance and brotherhood at the "United Nations of Show Business." Guest stars: singer Fran Warren, comedian Sid Stone, violin prodigy Michael Rayburn.

Milton Berle with Mickey Rooney: After deciding to stage a publicity stunt for their upcoming show, Milty fakes a broken leg and gets admitted to Bellevue Hospital. Guest stars: Connie Russel, Dorothy Killgallen, Arnold Stang, Nancy Walker


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