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Topper, Volume 2

Category: Comedy
Duration: 2 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91510
Price: $7.98


Following the success of the Topper movies, the well-loved characters created by Thorne Smith were brought to life on the small screen from 1953-1956. When the ghosts of George and Marion Kirby return to their home after dying in a skiing accident, they discover the house is now occupied by uptight banker Cosmo Topper and his wife. Visible only to Cosmo, the Kirbys cause unending trouble in their attempts to teach him to enjoy life. One of the show's young screenwriters, Stephen Sondheim, would go on to greater fame as lyricist for such major musicals as West Side Story.

Episode One: The Kirbys believe Topper is in danger of a sinister plot while aboard a train to an important meeting. Desperate to save their hapless friend, George and Marion almost ruin Cosmo's chances with a new business prospect.

Episode Two: During a trip out west, cattle ranchers mistakenly think Cosmo is too big for his britches and set out to teach him a lesson. The ever-resourceful Kirbys use their "high spirited" wits to make sure the dapper banker stands up to the brazen cowboys.

Episode Three: Topper's life is turned upside down when the Kirbys convince him that he is the lucky winner of the Irish Sweepstakes. Within days, Cosmo quits his job, Henrietta is confronted by a bogus rival, and the tax man comes knocking. Feeling guilty from their meddling, George and Marion try to stop the fallout before it's too late.

Episode Four: Marion decides she isn't married to George anymore now that they're both dead. Thoroughly dejected, George resolves to court her all over again, but his outlandish overtures cause unexpected marital trouble between Topper and Henrietta.


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