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Product Details



RS Presents Combo # 9

Category: Comedy
Duration: 6 hours
Media: (6) CDs
Catalog Number: 50035C
Price: $26.26



Get three great collectible classics at one great price! Plus, get an 8-Page Series Companion Guide featuring photographs and background information about each of these three great series:

A Date With Judy

One of the most popular radio teenage comedies of the 1940's, A Date with Judy was (as Judy herself might have put it) "just sen-sash!"

With a breathless, giggly tone and sentences punctuated with slang phrases like "oh, how dreamy!", Louise Erickson was perfect as the teenager whose only serious concerns in life were boys, school, boys, hairstyles, boys, makeup, boys, her social standing…and boys. John Brown and Myra Marsh are heard as Judy's parents, and Dix Davis plays her younger brother, Randolph.

Laugh with Judy and her friends Gloria, Mitzi, Stinky, Jo-Jo…and Oogie Pringle - her steady, played by Richard Crenna - in four digitally remastered episodes.

Includes the following episodes:

Aunt Lillie - 08-11-42

Mr. Foster's Birthday Present - 08-01-44

Minnehaha - 07-08-47

Judy Away at Camp - 06-22-48

My Friend Irma

Marie Wilson stars as Irma Peterson, the definitive dumb blonde. Irma shares her zany misadventures - and a New York apartment - with her more sensible roommate Jane Stacy, played by Cathy Lewis.

In spite of her intellectual imperfections, Irma possesses a friendly, naïve sweetness that inspires true loyalty. Jane, who she often drives to distraction, is her fiercest protector. And, Irma's boyfriend Al (John Brown) actually considered getting a job once in order to win her heart.

Often knocking at the apartment door is the girls' saucy upstairs neighbor, Professor Kropotkin (Hans Conried) - frequently followed by their feisty Irish landlady Mrs. O'Reilly (Gloria Gordon).


Lake Placid 02-07-49, Valentines Day 02-14-49, Used Car 02-21-49, Tax Return 02-28-49

Meet Corliss Archer

Meet Corliss Archer, the entertaining teenager who faces the pains of adolescence with a breathless innocence and charm. Captivating Corliss is played by radio veteran Janet Waldo, who is perhaps best remembered today for her contributions to animated cartoons, including her role as Judy Jetson on The Jetsons.

Corliss' main squeeze is Dexter Franklin (Sam Edwards) - a well-meaning young man, most memorable for three things: his catchphrase "Holy Cow!", his trademark bellow of "Cooooorrrr-laiss!", and his knack for creating absolute chaos everywhere he went.

In on all the action is Corliss' best gal pal Mildred Ames, Mildred's bratty little brother Raymond, and Betty Cameron, Corliss' "rival in all things vital."

Episodes Include: Corliss Tells a Story 05-05-46, A Cow for Mother's Day 05-12-46, Hold No Grudge 12-26-52, Lawn Mower Feud 06-24-56


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