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Our Miss Brooks: Connie vs. Conklin

Category: Comedy
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 44732
Price: $39.98


In one corner: Connie Brooks (Eve Arden), the teacher who elevated education to a plateau never before realized from a transmitter! In the other corner: Osgood Conklin (Gale Gordon), the pompous principal of Madison High School who is the undisputed champion of the slow burn!

On hand for the main event is a charismatic cast of characters, including squeaky-voiced student Walter Denton (Richard Crenna). As both the romantic interest of Conklin's daughter, and as one of Miss Brooks' leading co-conspirators, he was viewed with a jaundiced eye by the omnipresent principal. And, let's not forget the frog-fascinated Philip Boynton (Jeff Chandler, Robert Rockwell), for whom Miss Brooks has a romantic interest of her own.

As Connie's commander-in-chief, Conklin is frequently the victor in their battles. But, it's Miss Brooks who usually gets the last laugh in these 20 digitally remastered and restored rounds of madcap mayhem.

Includes a Program Guide by radio historian Jim Cox.

Episodes Include: Weekend at Crystal Lake 09-19-48; Connie the Workhorse 11-07-48; The Heating System 01-09-49; Head of the English Department 01-23-49; Clay City English Teacher 03-27-49; Yearbook Photo Mix-Up 05-15-49; Taxidermists 06-19-49; July 4th Weekend 07-03-49; Conklin's Carelessness Code 07-17-49; The Sweater 09-18-49; Halloween Party 10-30-49; Elephant Mascot 11-13-49; Thanksgiving Mix Up 11-27-49; Walter's Wonderful Radio 02-12-50; The Burglar 03-11-50; Conklin's TV Set 04-02-50; Rumors 09-10-50; Conklin's Tuba / Contest 12-03-50; The Kiss (Sneaky Peekers) 08-14-55; Couch Potato 08-28-55

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