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Terry and the Pirates, Volume 3

Category: Adventure
Duration: 2 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91470
Price: $7.98


With a colorful cast of characters that includes the slippery proprietor of Air Cathay, Chopstick Joe, blonde bombshell Burma, and the beautiful arch-villainess known as the Dragon Lady, Terry and his trusted sidekick, Hotshot Charlie, fight villainy at every hair-pin turn!

This exciting TV series, based on the popular "Terry and the Pirates" comic strip and radio series, aired in 1952-1953. Brainchild of artist Milton Caniff, Terry made his newspaper debut in 1934, and his war-time adventures thrilled avid homefront readers. In 1946, After the war, Caniff left the strip to create the equally popular "Steve Canyon" series. The "Terry and the Pirates" franchise was passed to a new generation of artists and writers who continued to thrill readers until Terry's final adventure was published in 1973.

Episode 1 - Compound C3 Theft: A shipment of stolen military explosives disguised as meat is hidden in the cargo hold of Terry's plane.

Episode 2 - Diplomatic Passport: A mysterious woman stashes the stolen passport of a slain french diplomat in Hotshot's trenchcoat.

Episode 3 - Little Mandarin: A squadron of the Dragon lady's fighter planes forces terry to land with his secret passenger - the son of a warlord.

Episode 4 - The Randall Affair: A treasure map pointing to a cache of uncut gems hidden in the jungles of Indochina sparks a desperate race to retrieve them.


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