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Cisco Kid Volume One

Category: Westerns
Duration: 2 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91469
Price: $7.98


"Here's Adventure! Here's Romance! Here's O. Henry's famous Robin Hood of the Old West! The CISCO KID!"

One of the very first TV shows produced in color, "The Cisco Kid" premiered in 1950 and ran for six successful years. Reprising roles they had played on the big screen in a series of films in the 40s, Duncan Renaldo stars as Cisco, the dashing, sharp-shooting ladies' man, and Leo Carillo is Pancho, his grammar butchering side-kick. Ride with television's first and most beloved Hispanic heroes as they roam the old west fighting for justice.

Performance Bond: Cisco and Pancho set a trap for bandits who are hijacking wagon shipments of gold ore.

Confession For Money: A man confesses to murdering a banker, but Cisco knows the man is not the killer.

Lynching Story: Cisco and Pancho rescue an innocent man from a lynch mob.

Medicine Flats: Cisco fakes the murder of a sheriff in a ruse to infiltrate a gang of rustlers.

Newspaper Crusaders: An outlaw gang declares war on a newspaper editor who dares to print the truth about them.

Oil Land: A rancher is murdered just after discovering "black gold" bubbling up on his spread.


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