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Gang Busters: Crime Wave

Category: Detective
Duration: 8 hours
Media: (8) CDs
Catalog Number: 44662
Was: $31.95    Now: $28.76

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A police officer's whistle, running feet, gunshots, breaking windows, burglar alarms, police sirens…more gunshots…. So begins another episode of Gang Busters!

From New York City to St. Louis…from Newark to Detroit…From Baltimore to Houston…and all the way west to California…there's a crime wave on. Cases of safe-cracking, gambling, kidnapping, car theft, and murder - police across the nation are tracking small time crooks and big time trouble.

This landmark series of Philips H. Lord, arguably responsible for the entire idea of reality based police dramas, featured true stories that played like fiction. A novel idea for the time, and one that is still powerful today. After the story was told, and the crooks were apprehended, listeners heard bulletin style updates of other criminals at large…and helped bring hundreds of them to justice.

Includes 16 digitally restored and remastered episodes and a Program Guide by Rodney Bowcock.

EPISODES INCLUDE: The Case Of Bielanski & Tillotson 10-27-45, The Case of Al Simeone 12-22-45, The Case Of Red Coleman (or The King of the Big Thicket) 12-29-45, The Case of The Texas Killer 01-12-46, The Case of The Oklahoma Kid 12-07-46, The Case of the Elusive Burglar Part 1 12-14-46, The Case Of The Crime Teacher (or The Case of the Costumed Killer) 05-24-47, The Case of the Kidnapped Paymaster (or The Case of the Seigel Kidnapping) 10-04-47, The Case Of Joe Fletcher (or The Case of the Horse Race Hijackers) 01-24-48, The Case Of Grzelak & Constantine (or The Case of the Safe-Cracking Combine) 02-21-48, The Case Of Robert Lee Robertson (or The Case Of The Mound City Safe-Crackers) 03-13-48, The Collector Who Robbed Midwest Supermarkets (or The Collector) 09-04-48, The Case of The Greedy Gunman 11-27-48, The Case of the New Jersey Yegg Man 05-07-49, The Case of The Punchdrunk Soldier 04-16-55, The Case of the Three Safe Crackers

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