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Norman Corwin: Centennial

Category: Drama
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 44622
Price: $39.98

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"Brotherhood is not so wild a dream as those who profit by postponing it pretend."

Widely acclaimed as the greatest writer-director-producer of the Golden Age of Radio, Norman Corwin perfected his own unique recipe for success: begin with the human mind and knead gently; add a dash of poetry, wit and wonder; add a cup of raw passion and stir vigorously; garnish with sound effects, and marinate in a musical score. Season liberally with intelligence and digest slowly.

Corwin's works - musicals, fantasies, satires, and dramas - were presented on CBS in prestige series under his own direction, including The Columbia Workshop and Columbia Presents Corwin. His poetic language and progressive world-view combined to maximum effect in the masterpieces that launched a country in to war and eased it back in to peace.

As this patriotic American citizen, traveler of the world, and lover of words turns 100 years old, we take a look at eighteen of his works and ponder their lessons. A Program Guide written by Michael James Kacey is included, containing information and photographs of this radio legend.

Episodes Include: Bill of Rights Special: We Hold These Truths 12-15-41; V-E Day Special: On A Note of Triumph 05-13-45; The Columbia Workshop: The Plot to Overthrow Christmas 12-22-40, They Fly Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease 04-10-39; The Columbia Workshop (26 By Corwin): Descent of the Gods 08-03-41, Mary and the Fairy 08-31-41; The Gulf Screen Guild Theater: Between Americans 12-07-41; Forecast: To Tim at Twenty (Excerpt) 08-19-40; V-J Day Special: 14 August 08-14-45; This is War!: America at War 02-14-42; An American in England: Cromer 12-01-42; The Columbia Workshop (Columbia Presents Corwin): The Long Name None Could Spell 03-14-44, Untitled 05-30-44, The Odyssey of Runyon Jones 04-04-44, El Capitan and the Corporal 07-25-44, The Undecided Molecule 07-17-45; One World Flight: Introduction 01-14-47; United Nations Radio: Could Be 10-20-49


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