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The Many Voices of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

Category: Detective
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 44602
Price: $39.98

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Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar debuted in 1948 and endured for 14 years as one of the most popular programs of latter day radio drama. In fact, it became the last network drama when it ultimately signed off the air in 1962.

An eminently appealing character, Dollar was pragmatic, flirtatious, and sympathetic (to a point) - better at reserving judgment than he was at restraining his impulses. This 10 CD set brings you the voices of all eight men who took on the role of "America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator" - from the well known to the obscure - including the two actors who only appeared in audition recordings.

Featured here are Dick Powell, Charles Russell, Edmond O'Brien, John Lund, Gerald Mohr, Bob Bailey, Bob Readick, and Mandel Kramer (who had the distinction of being the very last leading man in a network radio drama).

This collection includes 27 digitally remastered episodes, plus a Program Guide by William Nadel featuring background information and photos about the series.

EPISODES INCLUDE: Dick Powell: Milford Brooks III (Audition) 12-08-48; Charles Russell: Case of Barton Drake 04-22-49, Who Took the Taxis for a Ride? 07-24-49, Anne Connelly 12-03-49; Edmond O'Brien: Yankee Pride Matter 10-14-50, Woodward Manila Matter 11-25-50, Hannibal Murphy Matter 11-03-51; John Lund: The Walter Patterson Matter 12-26-52, The Baltimore Matter 01-02-53, The Kay Bellamy Matter 01-30-53; Gerald Mohr: The Trans-Pacific Matter (Audition) 08-29-55; Bob Bailey: The Sea Legs Matter 07-30-56 - 08-03-56, The Curse of Kamashek 09-03-56 - 09-07-56, The Burning Carr Matter 12-09-56, The Missing Mouse Matter 12-23-56; Bob Readick: > Wayward Fireman Matter 02-12-61, Latrodectus Matter 04-16-61; Mandel Kramer: The Guide to Murder Matter 11-19-61, The Tip-Off Matter 09-30-62

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