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Meet Corliss Archer, Volumes 1-3 (3 DVD Set)

Category: Comedy
Duration: 6 hours
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91390
Price: $23.94



Teenage troublemaker Corliss Archer (Ann Baker), her awkward boyfriend Dexter (Bobby Ellis), and her unsuspecting parents (John Eldredge and Mary Brian) are all introduced in this set of episodes from MEET CORLISS ARCHER. This program compiles 12 episodes from the 1950s television comedy series.

Volume 1:

Episode 1 - A Date For Doris: The Archers ask Dexter to find Corliss's homely friend Doris a date for a party. Scouring the far reaches of his neighborhood for prospects, Dexter gets stuck as an unwilling escort after his repeated efforts fail.

Episode 2 - Corliss The Cheerleader: Dexter gets dubious romantic advice from Harry when Corliss is wooed by a rival who is coaching her to be a cheerleader. After feeble strategies to get her back don't work, Dexter decides to try a more manly approach.

Episode 3 - The Vase That Came For Dinner: Janet buys a supposedly rare and definitely ugly antique vase, and the purchase stirs up trouble for the Archers and their neighbors. The series of sidesplitting mishaps leads Dexter to believe that everyone around him has gone crazy.

Episode 4 - Friends Forever: The Franklins and Wilsons suddenly bow out of the Archer's weekly game of darts, and secret plans to throw a surprise party for Harry start to go awry. Janet and Corliss walk in on both families and jump to the conclusion that their friends are snubbing them. Dexter consoles Corliss by telling her the truth, but the admission only triggers more wild mishaps.

Volume 2:

Episode 1 - The Algebra Problem: The Archers and Franklins are stumped by one of Corliss and Dexter's high school algebra problems, and it's driving them all crazy.

Episode 2 - Quaranteened: Corliss gets the measles and Dexter is quarantined at the Archer home for a week. Absolutely miserable, Harry is counting the days before his daughter's clumsy boyfriend can finally return to his own home.

Episode 3 - No Clothes for the Party: Corliss wants to borrow her mother's evening wrap for the dance Saturday night, and Dexter wants to borrow Harry's tuxedo. The trouble is neither teenager can muster the courage to ask the grownups for what they want.

Episode 4 - The Best Policy: Janet Archer gives her daughter some motherly advice about speaking her mind, it backfires wildly when Corliss tests her newfound honesty on Dexter.

Volume 3:

Episode 1 - Dexter The Helper: Dexter's model airplane glides through the air... and smashes through Corliss's window! When he tries to repair it, poor Dexter disturbs a beehive and unleashes the little buzzers into the Archer house.

Episode 2 - Dexter's Masquerade: Costume Decked out as a "Knight in Shining Armor," Dexter is the one who needs rescuing when he gets trapped inside his costume.

Episode 3 - Harry's Cold: Mr. Archer has a bad cold and Dexter offers to take care of him. To make matters worse, Dexter unwittingly starts a rumor that has the whole town in an uproar!

Episode 4 - Male Ego: Dexter and Mr. Archer set out to prove men can do anything as well as or better than women. But it's curtains for the boys, literally, when they decide to make a dress...and accidentally sew the drapes to it!


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