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Green Hornet: The Biggest Game

Category: Adventure
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 44482
Price: $39.98



The Green Hornet and Kato return in this exciting collection of digitally remastered and restored radio adventures, working outside the law to battle kidnappers, rackets, fraud, and other sinister and nefarious enterprises of the criminal underworld.

Featured in these programs is Al Hodge, the first actor to play the role of millionaire newspaperman Britt Reid, alias The Green Hornet. Join Hodge - along with Raymond Toyo as Kato (and The Black Beauty!), Gilbert Shea as Mike Axford, and Lenore Allman as Miss Case - as he "hunts the biggest of all game: public enemies that even the G-Men cannot reach!"

The twenty episodes featured here are among the earliest known recordings to survive from the Al Hodge era. Sixteen of them (taken from the original transcription discs) have not been heard since their initial broadcast in 1939, and the remaining four are available for the first time in unedited form - complete, uncut, and straight from the original masters.

Also includes a Program Guide by Martin Grams, Jr. and Terry Salomonson with photos and background information about the show.

EPISODES INCLUDE: Money Talks Too Loud 06-20-39, Pink Lemonade And Tan Bark 06-22-39, Bait For A Two Timer 06-27-39, Pavement Condemned 06-29-39, Put It On Ice 07-04-39, Disaster Rides The Rails 07-06-39, The Devil's Playground 07-11-39, War on the Waterfront 07-18-39, House and Home 07-20-39, Murder by Accident 07-27-39, Bait For A Burglar 08-01-39, A Racket in the Ring 08-03-39, The Lawyer Beats the Law 08-08-39, Lightning Strikes a Shakedown 08-10-39, Money in the Meter 08-15-39, A Racket Robs the Cradle 08-17-39, A Rake-Off on the Job 08-22-39, The House That Jack Built 08-24-39, Numbers Make a Racket 08-29-39, Ripe for the Taking 09-05-39

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