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Young Widder Brown

Category: Drama
Duration: 2 hours
Media: (2) CDs
Catalog Number: 50029
Price: $10.95


"Again we present the moving human drama of a woman's heart and a mother's love, Young Widder Brown. In the little town of Simpsonville, attractive Ellen Brown-with two children to support-faces the question of what she owes to them and what she owes to herself. Here's the story of life and love as we all know it."

Ellen Brown, Simpsonville's tearoom proprietress, was played by adaptable actress Florence Freeman. The 14 consecutive episodes included in this set find her engagement to Dr. Anthony Loring (Ned Wever) threatened by a jealous widow.

EPISODES INCLUDE: Talk About Louise's Money 05-17-50, Louise Talks to Ellen and Madelyn 05-18-50, Ellen Picks Up Christopher 05-19-50, Madelyn and Christopher Argue 05-22-50, Ellen Receives Louise's Diary 05-23-50, Madelyn Visits Anthony 05-24-50, Should Ellen Read the Diary? 05-25-50, Anthony Tells Ellen to Read Diary 05-26-50, Anthony Confronts Louise 05-29-50, Madelyn and Christopher Marry 05-30-50, Anthony Threatens Louise 05-31-50, Ellen and Anthony Talk it Over 06-01-50, Ellen Confronts Louise 06-02-50, Ellen and Anthony Make Up 06-05-50


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