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Ma Perkins

Category: Drama
Duration: 2 hours
Media: (2) CDs
Catalog Number: 50028
Price: $10.95


Virginia Payne, who played the role of Ma Perkins for 27 years, never missed a performance. Ma, the mother of the airwaves, operated her late husband's lumberyard with resolve, and raised three children with the basic values of decency, responsibility and respect.

Focusing on the foibles of small town life, the program offered superior dialogue laced with colloquialisms. It seems that there was always something interesting going on in Rushville Center, and that Ma's nearest and dearest - Fay, Evey, Shuffle, and Joseph - were a part of it.

The 10 consecutive episodes presented here bring to a conclusion one of the serial's most absorbing sequences, as Joseph confronts awesome forces that test his inner strength.

Episodes Include: Invited for Dinner 10-31-49, Complaints About Joseph 11-01-49, Tells Ma About Losing Job 11-02-49, Joseph Won't Stay For Dinner 11-03-49, Ann Receives Telegram 11-04-49, Ann Waits for Joseph 11-07-49, Brad Comes to Town 11-08-49, Brad Falls Out of Window 11-09-49, Brad Dies 11-10-49, Ma Told 11-11-49


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