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Retro Science Fiction Adventures Volume 1

Category: Science Fiction
Media: DVD
Catalog Number: 91387
Price: $49.98


This Retro Science Fiction Adventures box set features a wind-up retro walking metal toy robot (almost 9" tall!) and six DVDs, all packaged in a black lacquered wooden storage box with clear plastic sliding front. This set includes several quintessential sci-fi films and television episodes, full of bizarre occurrences and outer space voyages.

ATOMIC RULES OF THE WORLD - In this campy Japanese B-movie, Starman has come to save the world from some deadly invaders. Thanks to his amazing powers, and some incredible stock footage, it looks like he might just pull it off.

FLASH GORDON - These four episodes of the popular television series sees Alex Raymond's famous comic-strip character leap off the page for a series of inter-galactic adventures.

PHANTOM FROM SPACE - A group of people in an isolated observatory are terrorized by an invisible alien.

RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON 1 & 2 - Commando Cody and his team journey to the moon to battle the alien invaders plotting to conquer the Earth. All 12 episodes of the series are included here!

ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER: MENACE FROM OUTER SPACE - Space Ranger Rocky Jones must unite with an alien race in order to save the fate of a faraway planet called Fornax in three episodes from this classic television series.


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