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Baby Snooks: Why, Daddy?

Category: Comedy
Duration: 4 hours
Media: (4) CDs
Catalog Number: 44362
Price: $18.95

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Fanny Brice described Snooks as "my kind of youngster, the type I like. She has imagination. She's eager. She's alive. With all her deviltry, she still is a good kid, never vicious nor mean." Perhaps, but Daddy and Robespierre may beg to differ.

Neither Daddy's time, pet projects, nor peace of mind are safe from Snooks' reliably relentless intrusions. As for how she treats her younger siblings and what she thinks of them…well, the fact that she tries to trade them for cats pretty much says it all! And, corporal punishment doesn't seem to have much effect on this cheeky child.

These 28 elfish vignettes are digitally restored and remastered, and are accompanied by a Program Guide written by Ivan G. Shreve. Jr. featuring photographs and information about this playful program. Starring Fanny Brice and Hanley Stafford as Baby Snooks and Daddy. Created by Phil Rapp.

EPISODES INCLUDE: Flower Gardens 02-06-41, Taxes Again 02-13-41, Photographer 03-20-41, Buying Shoes 03-27-41, House Guest 01-15-42, Hiccups 01-22-42, Report Cards 01-29-42, Tent in the Living Room 02-12-42, Stealing Chickens 02-26-42, Fake Measles 03-19-42, The Red Cross Examiner 03-26-42, Easter Suit 04-02-42, Daddy's Birthday 04-09-42, Sore Back Poultice 04-16-42, A Fifty Dollar Raise 04-23-42, Quizzing Snooks 04-30-42, New Fishing Rod 05-07-42, 10th Wedding Anniversary 06-04-42, Birth of Twins 06-11-42, The Trade 06-18-42, Baby Buggy 07-02-42, The Camp Report 09-03-42, Baby Snooks Goes to a Movie 09-24-42, Gozinta 10-01-42, Christening a Ship 10-08-42, Getting Gas 12-03-42, School Play Cinderella 12-18-42, The Stolen Medal 01-14-43


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