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Fibber McGee and Molly on the Air

Category: Comedy
Media: Book
Catalog Number: 91339
Price: $24.95


In a time when any TV show lasting five years is hailed as a classic by some pundits, it is well to remember a program that aired from the dark days of the Depression right into the space age. Fibber McGee and Molly was one of broadcasting's greatest triumphs, reaching its height of popularity during the 1940s when millions of Americans tuned in Tuesday evenings to hear radio's royal couple welcome the Old Timer, Gildersleeve, Mrs. Uppington, Doctor Gamble, Mayor LaTrivia, and other visitors who came calling at the most famous address in Comedyland, 79 Wistful Vista.

Not only did Fibber McGee and Molly outlast many programs, it was unique in that it aired in three different formats: thirty-minute productions, fifteen-minute shows, and vignettes heard on NBC Monitor. This guide to the over 900 episodes currently available covers all three formats with entries listing date of broadcast, title, cast, summary, musical numbers, running gags (including openings of that famous hall closet), and comments designed to enhance the enjoyment of listeners and readers.

Featuring rarely-seen photographs of the two stars and a gallery of original cartoons, this book shines a spotlight on what made Fibber McGee and Molly successful: the considerable talents of Jim and Marian Jordan who made us laugh while making it look easy and the skillful hands of Don Quinn, Phil Leslie, and the other writers who concocted radio's tastiest smorgasbord of humor.

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