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Category: Adventure
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 43662
Was: $39.98    Now: $21.99


"Faster than a speeding bullet," the Man of Steel rocketed from comic books in to newspapers, on to television, and even on to the silver screen. But, many of the key figures in the Superman mythology were first introduced on the radio series as he kept the citizens of Metropolis out of harm’s way.

The “mild-mannered reporter” first encountered the Daily Planet newspaper, Jimmy Olsen, editor Perry White, and the deadly element kryptonite on the air.

Now, Radio Spirits introduces 10 hours of classic episodes, originally broadcast between 1948 - 1949, that have never before been released! As a special bonus feature, this collection also contains a 32-page collectible booklet about the character who put the Super in Super Hero and “leads a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way!” “Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!”

Episodes: Mystery of the Stolen Costume 03-10-48 through 03-31-48 The Skin Game 04-02-48 through 04-13-48 Mystery of the Ten Thousand Dollar Ghost 03-04-49 Mystery of the Flying Monster 03-07-49 The Case of Double Trouble 03-09-49 The Mystery of the Walking Dead 10-29-49 One Minute to Death 11-19-49 Puzzle of the Poison Pomegranate 11-26-49 Death Rides the Roller Coaster 12-03-49 The Diamond of Death 12-17-49


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