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Nature's Fury- CD

Category: Various
Duration: 9 hours
Media: (9) CDs
Catalog Number: 40122
Price: $34.95


Batten down the hatches! Radio Spirits predicts nine treacherous hours of squalls and suspense in Nature’s Fury. Struggle for survival alongside William Conrad and Henry Fonda as they take you to a mountain during a blizzard, and draw you inside the stormy minds of men on the verge of disaster. These 13 turbulent tales are accompanied by a 32-page collectible booklet. Exposed to the forces of the wind and tide, helpless against the powers of passion and fear like a ship on a storm tossed sea, you must decide whether the gale outside or the tempest within poses the greater danger!Includes a 32-page collectible bookletEscape Judgment Day at Crippled Deer 06-24-54 Escape The Abominable Snowman with William Conrad 09-13-53 The Whistler. Patients for the Doctor 11-21-43 The Whistler Death Demands a Payment 12-19-43 Suspense A Study in Wax 08-16-55 Suspense Return Trip 06-27-46 The Hall of Fantasy The Night the Fog Came 03-23-53 The Cavalcade of America Storm 05-13-46 The Campbell Playhouse The Hurricane 11-05-39 The Whistler Death Wears a White Robe" 10-01-45 The Whistler Summer Thunder 07-30-45 Suspense Summer Storm with Henry Fonda 10-18-45 Suspense A Good Neighbor". 03-31-57 Gunsmoke The Cabin 12-27-52 Author's Playhouse Miracle in the Rain 07-29-44 Family Theatre The Cliff with Debbie Reynolds 11-03-54 Family Theatre The Outcasts of Poker Flat". 05-17-50


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