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Category: Collections
Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Catalog Number: 48092
Price: $39.98


Radio Spirits (r) is proud to present 10-hours of radio's greatest masked characters. Episodes form the cloaked face of The Shadow to the masked faces of The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet and Batman, this collection has something for everyone. Be entertained by this digitally restored and remastered collection as you listen to such classic episodes as The Laughing Corpse, A Nephew is Found, and Batman's Great Mystery. Excitement, intrigue and suspense await all who listen to this spellbinding collection of masked marvels and who read it's accompanying 32-page behind-the-scenes booklet. This marvelous collection will entertain both old and young alike!

Episodes Include: THE SHADOW: Sabotage 01-16-38, The Laughing Corpse 03-10-40, Phantom Voyage 02-16-41; THE ADVENTURES OF THE SCARLET CLOAK: The Origin of El Diablo 02-15-50; THE GREEN LAMA: The Man who Never Existed 06-05-49, The Million Dollar Chopsticks 06-26-49; THE LONE RANGER: Heading North 12-14-42, Rope's End 12-16-42, Law of the Apex 12-18-42, Design for Murder 12-21-42, Dan's Strange Behavior 12-23-42, A Nephew is Found 12-25-42; THE GREEN HORNET: Graft Crosses a Bridge 11-04-47, Too Hot to Handle 11-11-47; THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN: Batman's Great Mystery Pts 1-4 02-03-48 - 02-06-48, Batman's Great Mystery Pts 5-8 02-09-48 - 02-12-48, Batman's Great Mystery Pts 9-11 02-13-48 - 02-17-48


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