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   For Category: "DVD/Video"
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31. Brain That Wouldn't Die, The (Special Edition)
Item #: 95550
Media: DVD
Description: Dr. Bill Cortner is a surgeon like his father. After reviving a patient using experimental...
Price: $14.98

32. Howard Hughes: The Man and the Madness
Item #: 95543
Media: DVD
Description: Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. (1905-1976) was a billionaire businessman, a pioneer of aviation, and an...
Price: $14.98

33. Kennedy: The Complete Series
Item #: 95541
Media: DVD
Description: John F. Kennedy was America's 35th President, its first Roman Catholic President, its richest, the...
Price: $19.98

34. Code 3: LA Sheriff's Case Files - Complete Series
Item #: 95540
Media: DVD
Description: True crime cases from the search and rescue branch of the Los Angeles Police Department are...
Price: $29.98

35. Through the Decades: 1960s Film Collection
Item #: 95538
Media: DVD
Description: Relive one of the most iconic decades in film history with 12 classic films spanning the...
Price: $39.98

36. Through the Decades: 1970s Film Collection
Item #: 95537
Media: DVD
Description: Travel back in time to the romance, laughs and thrills of these 11 far out favorites from throughout...
Price: $39.98
37. U-571
Item #: 95536
Media: DVD
Description: A U.S. Navy Captain (Matthew McConaughey) and his crew are just beginning to enjoy 48 hours of leave...
Price: $14.98

38. The Dark: A Chilling Tale of Alien Terror
Item #: 95520
Media: DVD
Description: In this chilling tale of alien terror, a writer (William Devane) takes a personal interest in a...
Price: $19.98

39. Captain Video
Item #: 95494
Media: DVD
Description: The television science fiction series Captain Video was such a nationwide sensation that Columbia...
Price: $19.98

40. Adventures Of Red Ryder
Item #: 95493
Media: DVD
Description: This 12-chapter serial, based on the popular comic strip by Fred Harmon, brings good face to face...
Price: $19.98
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